markdown使用 2018-01-04 23:31

  • what is markdown?
      It's defined on Wikipedia.   as its core,markdown is a super simple way to add fomatting like headers,bold,bulleted lists ,and so on to plain text. It was originally desinged to be an easy altermative to Html, and allows people to create web pages with no html experience--- but it's also a great way to organize notes, to-do list ,and other things. it's has all the advantages fo plain text, but with the organizational power of a word processor. The end goal is a minimalist writing system that you can use to get your thoughts down ,and then export them elsewhere without worrying too mush about the appearance.
  • how to install markdown in intellij?
      use intellij shortcut ctrl + shif + s or select tool bar of Setting button. Select Plugins tab and select the Browse Repositories button, input "markdown" and search,following the picture:

intellij markdown   we will see two markdown plugins, i thing the free one is better,we don's have to crack it . So we download and install "Markdown support"   restart the intellij , and creat a new file with file suffix ".md", and open it in intellij .