vmstat linux 内存监控

vmstate 可以查看cpu、内存、io的使用情况。


linx的top命令类似于windows的资源管理器 如下

linux cpu and 内存and 硬盘 相关信息排查

本文主要是总结在linux上查看计算机cpu 内存和硬盘信息相关命令


  we will see two markdown plugins, i thing the free one is better,we don's have to crack it . So we download and install "Markdown support"   restart the intellij , and creat a new file with file suffix ".md", and open it in intellij .

mysql 5.7.20 utf8 编码设置

background when i insert chinese into mysql database,it's become ? ,messy code. so i think i need to set mysql database encoding.